In past years OTT has run the 'OTT Desert Odyssey’ It took place during the last two weeks of October. At present no trips are planned so the following is for information purposes only.

Riding from the north, through the Riff Mountains and the south over the High Atlas Mountains and then into the Moroccan Sahara. We normally cover in the region of 2000 miles.

The Odyssey is not rigidly planned, but rather worked to daily objectives based on past trips and experience we have gained in Morocco in the last few years. We find that this approach allows the real adventure to unfold, depending on what happens along the way.

Every day in Morocco is a feast for the senses with incredible scenery - awsome trails, and extremes of temperature. As well as dealing with long hours in the saddle, daily maintenance, and everyday living chores, you must be able to get along with others in the group, and be prepared for plans to change should the need or situation require it.



The Odyssey is not open to anyone as applicants should have a solid riding ability, good stamina, and be mentally adaptable enough to cope with harsh conditions in a (very) foreign land. In other words we need to assess you and your riding ability first.

There is also a pre-departure meeting/riding day with an overnight stay normally held in Wales in early October.



Bike choice/mods and equipment checks also need to be carefully considered as certain machines will be much better than others. can advise on all of these important aspects and we have equipment lists available which have been honed over several years of desert riding.