'Quality not quantity'
(customer satisfaction dept)

in an effort to maintain quality, we like to keep group rider numbers low so that we can tailor make tours to suit your own ability. Your enjoyment throughout the day is our main concern at all times.

In our experience, the larger the group, the less the rider satisfaction. If you are thinking of riding with another tour company - check the group size first.

  Tour duration

In summer-time we start at 0830 and finish around 1700. During the winter we start at 0800 and finish at dusk

Email, or phone for more details

Don't be shy, give us a call

01298 83748

Trailside repairs and breakdowns

Whilst we are there to guide you, we will help in the event of any problems with your own bike. This is your responsibility, as rider owners, to make arrangements for spares i.e. levers, inner tubes atc.

We do carry a trail pack of tools for most eventualites including mobile phones and can arrange revovery of DNF's in the unfortunate event of major failure.